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Waiting for New Walking Dead by AzaleasDolls
Waiting for New Walking Dead

Sorry about the low quality! These are from my sketch pad. I’m trying to improve at portraits (while patiently waiting for the new season of Walking Dead). What I was hoping for was a good portrait of Rick, but I find him very tricky to draw so I ended up trying other characters.

Mermaid Scene Maker by AzaleasDolls
Mermaid Scene Maker
Create up to 7 mermaids & mermen in this scene maker complete with aquatic backgrounds, plus draggable merchildren, fish, dolphins etc. If you haven't played this yet at my website,, I hope you'll enjoy this large dress up game! (and since it's large, it might take a minute to load). 

With this I experimented with features that were new for me, like multiple body types: the girl has two, the default being inspired by Ariel's figure, and the 2nd being a plumper option; while the boy has four, the default which looks fit, and from there I drew a lankier option, an extra ripped option, and a thicker option. Having four body types for the guy didn't add a tremendous amount of work, because the differences are subtle so I didn't have to redraw the tails nor the accessories. With the female, it's a different story! I had to duplicate all the tails, all the tops, and adjust many accessories which added a whole lot of extra drawing, file size, and complexity for the programming. Especially since the arms have different positions on top of it, which also is a new feature. The reason I tried extra body types, and arm positions, is because merpeople have limited clothing compared to other dolls. Which is especially true for the merman: he's topless, so you can change his torso and arms - that's the idea :) 
Feline Cub Maker by AzaleasDolls
Feline Cub Maker
Create cub versions of the big cats, such as leopards, tigers, lions etc, with realistic fur colors or go crazy with the wide color palette :dance:

I don't usually make animal games, which are quite different in terms of game design from human doll bases, but I wanted to take another crack at it and improve on my old Feline Maker. This new game is better drawn and much easier to use, at least.

Find all my doll makers at!
Preview for the Merman by AzaleasDolls
Preview for the Merman

I’m currently working on this merman maker, you can soon play the game at my dress-up website! It’s more than halfway done, since so far I’ve done most of the work for the body, face, hair and tails (still have to finish up all those sections and create the accessories). You’ll have different options for the jaw shape and four body types for his torso. The body type you see in this pic is the one I started with. From there I made a thinner upper body, for a younger man; a plumper upper body; and a fourth where the muscles are very defined. I hope you'll have a blast!

Mermaid Maker: Preview by AzaleasDolls
Mermaid Maker: Preview
I'm working on a mermaid game, which you can soon play at!
This mermaid character will be part of a Mermaid Scene Maker in the vein of my Centaur Scene and Fairy Tale Scene. Since the clothing will be minimal (basically just bras) I'm including options to tweak the body; so you'll be able to change the position of the arms and tail, and also choose a plump body type.


United States
Although I'm still working on Tinker Bell, I just released a new game on my website, the Portrait Maker. This one can hardly be called a dress-up, since it's basically a large face builder. I hope it's fun!

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AspiringDreamCatcher Featured By Owner 1 hour ago  New Deviant Hobbyist General Artist
Hi, I have a question about the new star wars dress up game, when does it come out?
QueenyLeAcH Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Hi! I love your games. I was thinking that an Arabian Prince/Princess maker like the Frozen King/Queen game would be awesome.
sakaime Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2015
I definitely agree with animeari1990! La la la la A Kingdom Hearts game, or something similar, would be absolutely wonderful!
animeari1990 Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2015
Is it possible to make a Kingdom Hearts dress up game?
TensaiSaiyan Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2015
Can you give us any tidbit/hints about what is gonna be the new Sci-Fi Warrior Game?
dinogirl39 Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2015
i love your character creators, one of my favorites is the X-girl one. I cant wait to see what new ones will come but what I would love to see is more guy creators
Shippo3313 Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
You do realize that x-girl was made by dolldivine and candy's world, right?
dinogirl39 Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2015 mistake, i get the sites mixed up alot...i feel so stupid now.....
ladyjade26 Featured By Owner Edited Sep 3, 2015
I love what you've done with your website, it looks absolutely amazing!!!
I love all your games especially your mermaid scene maker game.

There were three things that I was thinking about that I was hoping you could add to the game. If you had the time do you think that you could add a new body type for the female. I really want a body type for a pregnant mermaid.

My second request was if  you could make the baby as well as the child mermaid be able to change it's fins so that it could be human, seahorse, dolphin, human (webbed hands/feet) or any of the other species that you previously added to the game.

Lastly I was hoping that you could give the human form (the one with webbed hands/feet) a new pose of being able to sit down like how you have for the mermaid form.

It's a lot to ask so I apologize if I'm being over bearing but I love your game and just couldn't stop myself from asking if there could be a possibility of any of these requests being add in.
LivingPlagueRat Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2015
The new website is gorgeous! Thank you for working so hard on it, I know it had to have been time consuming. You did a fantastic job!!
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